Achieve Double or Triple-Digit Growth

Move to the Next Level

Clients reach new levels of growth by breaking through glass ceilings and growth barriers

Create Wealth

We help clients to build a business that becomes an asset and creates ongoing shareholder wealth

Personal Freedom

Our clients achieve increased freedom through systems and processes, building a business that works without them

30 – 50% Higher Exit Valuation

We’ve helped many clients build a saleable business or one that then sells for a 30-50% higher valuation

Reduce Working Hours by 15 – 20/ Week

Business owners that work with us often reduce their working hours by up to 15 – 20 hours

+5 to 10 EBITDA % Points

Our clients achieve an EBITDA margin at 5 to 10 percentage points above the sector norm

3-8X Faster

Our clients scale their businesses at 3 – 8X faster than the industry average

10X Return

Our clients usually achieve at least a 10X return on their investment in working with us

Achieve Double or Triple-Digit Growth

Do you have an ambition to grow or scale your business to a desired end-point? Growth is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) drivers for any business owner but there are often challenges.

The Business Model (In Its Current Form) Isn’t Scalable

Could your business – in its present form – operate at 5X or 10X its size? Some business models just aren’t scalable and need to be changed before the company can grow.

The Business isn’t Growing Consistently, Quick Enough or its Stagnating

Is the business running out of steam or failing to replicate its early successes? Is growth levelling out or is the business plateauing into stagnation? In some cases, sectors become more competitive and companies fail to find ways of sustaining growth. Even growing companies slow-down (particularly as they get larger) and need to find new ways of driving growth.

The Business is Growing in an Unprofitable Way

Are you driving top-line revenue but overlooking bottom-line profitability? If so, you’re scaling-up an unprofitable company that has more customers, more employees, more risk, more complexity but no more financial return for the shareholders. Or, have your margins shrunk because costs have grown more quickly than revenue?

The Business Owner Isn’t Thinking in a Leveraged Way

Are you trying to grow your business through “blood, sweat and tears”; simply spinning the hamster wheel faster and faster, rather than thinking in a more leveraged way about how you scale and focussing on the activities that are going to move the needle in your business more than anything else?

The Business has No Growth Plan

Does the business have a clear growth plan that clearly sets out the objectives, activities and accountabilities required to scale and which has shared ownership amongst the Board or Management Team? If so, are your day to day activities connecting to the higher-level goals of the business?

The Business Owner Wants to Scale But Doesn’t Know How

In some cases, the business owner doesn’t know where to start and is paralysed with inaction. As a result, bad habit loops prevent the business from growing (despite the owner’s intentions) and the company remains in stasis.

We Can Help You to Scale

If you are an ambitious, growth-orientated business owner, Entrepreneur or CEO or if any of these things have resonated then we can help.

We work in a hands-on, practical way to accelerate growth and to help companies to increase revenue, margins, profit, valuation and shareholder wealth. We do it in the following ways:

  • Eliciting the Owners Goals/Drivers: in areas such as income, wealth, value, legacy, end-goal etc. and ensuring the business is structured to grow in a way that can deliver on (and is compatible with) these.
  • Building a Growth Strategy: with the Owner(s) and/or Management Team that sets out how the company will aggressively increase top and bottom line growth (usually double or triple digit).
  • Transforming High-Level Goals to Near-Term Actions: translating the 3 or 5-year roadmap into 12-month and 90-day plans with growth goals and accountabilities shared by the Management Team.
  • Revenue Growth: accelerate the rate at which revenue is successfully acquired, increasing the volume and value for new customers are won.
  • Account Growth: help you to successfully leverage, expand and grow your existing account base to secure higher levels of revenue from existing customers – as a partner, not a vendor.
  • Margin Growth: optimising pricing, contract values, delivery efficiency and sales mix to improve margin structure.
  • Profit Growth: EBITDA maximisation in order to build value and create consistent bottom-line growth as the business scales.
  • Recurring Revenue: helping you to re-package or re-structure your existing products, services or offerings to drive more predictable, recurring revenue over-time.
  • Scalable Business Model: modifying or changing the current business model to allow it to operate at a much larger size and scale as a fully systematised business.
  • Investor Readiness: developing business plans or investor documents for early-stage or growth-stage companies to raise funding / investment.

Our Philosophy on Scaling

All of this is underpinned with a simple three-pillar philosophy: 1) we focus on the key activities that will impact top and bottom line growth in the biggest possible way; 2) in the shortest possible timescales and; 3) with the least amount of labour intensity or cost.



Build a Business that Can Work Without You


Achieve the Highest Possible Exit Outcome


Successfully Manage the Growth Journey


Sphera Consulting Ltd works with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Boards and Business Owners to Build, Grow, Scale and Exit their businesses.

Established in 2009, the firm works with high-growth companies around the UK and Europe, ranging from early-stage businesses to internationally-trading PLC’s with revenues of £30m+.

Over the last 10 plus years, we’ve worked with over 800 organisations across multiple sectors (whether services, manufacturing or digital/technology) to create growth, freedom and wealth for business owners.

We provide hands-on consultancy, coaching, mentoring and Non-Exec services to Boards, CEO’s and Management Teams that are running high-growth companies and are typically seeking to scale, exit or achieve passive ownership.



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