Achieve the Highest Possible Exit Outcome

3-8X Faster

Our clients scale their businesses at 3 – 8X faster than the industry average

10X Return

Our clients usually achieve at least a 10X return on their investment in working with us

Reduce Working Hours by 15 – 20/ Week

Business owners that work with us often reduce their working hours by up to 15 – 20 hours

+5 to 10 EBITDA % Points

Our clients achieve an EBITDA margin at 5 to 10 percentage points above the sector norm

Personal Freedom

Our clients achieve increased freedom through systems and processes, building a business that works without them

30 – 50% Higher Exit Valuation

We’ve helped many clients build a saleable business or one that then sells for a 30-50% higher valuation

Move to the Next Level

Clients reach new levels of growth by breaking through glass ceilings and growth barriers

Create Wealth

We help clients to build a business that becomes an asset and creates ongoing shareholder wealth

Achieve the Highest Possible Exit Outcome

Are you growing your business in a way that is maximising your chances of the best possible Exit outcome?

Exit’s Come in Different Forms

For some business owners, a successful exit might be selling for the highest possible valuation to a trade buyer.

For another owner, this might be sacrificing some degree of valuation in return for finding a safe custodian for their loyal or long-standing employees.

For another owner, an exit might be about achieving passive ownership where a Management Team runs the business and they have no or limited operational involvement and take a high annual dividend.

For another owner, an exit might be about grooming a Management Team for succession and who participate in an MBO.

Are You Growing Your Business in a Way that is Conducive to an Exit?

Growing a business but not building value is a common owner trap. For example, if a company achieves consistent double-digit growth and has strong EBITDA but a high proportion of its revenue is concentrated with one large client, or revenue isn’t recurring, or the business cannot function without its owner then it has minimal sale value.

Your Business is an Asset and You Must Build its Value

Saleability isn’t a black and white concept (you shouldn’t see the business as saleable or not saleable). Instead, consider whether the business has been developed to its highest possible valuation (or its highest level of saleability).

Exiting is About Realisation of Value

Selling a business is the biggest sale you will ever make – and often for a life-changing amount. Because of this, doesn’t it make absolute sense to maximise the saleability and valuation of the company by focussing on things that build value and can therefore increase the exit multiple overtime? If you don’t, it’s very easy for these things to pass you by as you become over preoccupied with running and growing the business.

Are you Ready to Increase Value, Create a Strong Exit Strategy and Get Peace of Mind for the Future?

Starting at least 3-5 years out from your end-point, we work closely with you to build more sale value in the business, to increase its saleability and to raise its exit multiple. Typical results include:

  • Exit Milestones: appraise the various possible exit scenarios (whether Trade Sale, MBO/Succession or Passive Ownership), how compatible they are with the owner’s goals and develop a plan with clear timescales and milestones towards this.
  • Value Creation Plan: that focusses on those key projects (or value creators) that will build value in the business over-time leading to a higher valuation being achieved.
  • Reducing/Eliminating Owner Reliance: what are the consequences of removing the Owner? Ideally, there should be no consequences. We will help the Owner to become dispensable.
  • Eliminating Other Risk Areas: such as high revenue concentration, revenue unpredictability or a lack of systems and processes.
  • Identifying and Developing Potential Successors: building an incentivised Board or a Management Team or identifying potential successors for the MD (and existing Board) if one already exists.
  • Developing the Capability of the Management Team: coaching/mentoring any potential successors so their value to the company is increasing and the Owner can reduce his/her operational involvement.
  • Knowledge Transition: helping the Owner to transition knowledge to the Management Team with clear plans for succession set in advance.
  • Keeping the Business in Growth: ensuring the business remains in consistent revenue and profit growth in the years leading up to exit.



Achieve Double or Triple-Digit Revenue and Profit Growth


Build a Business that Can Work Without You


Successfully Manage the Growth Journey


Sphera Consulting Ltd works with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Boards and Business Owners to Build, Grow, Scale and Exit their businesses.

Established in 2009, the firm works with high-growth companies around the UK and Europe, ranging from early-stage businesses to internationally-trading PLC’s with revenues of £30m+.

Over the last 10 plus years, we’ve worked with over 800 organisations across multiple sectors (whether services, manufacturing or digital/technology) to create growth, freedom and wealth for business owners.

We provide hands-on consultancy, coaching, mentoring and Non-Exec services to Boards, CEO’s and Management Teams that are running high-growth companies and are typically seeking to scale, exit or achieve passive ownership.



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