Build a Business that Can Work Without You

10X Return

Our clients usually achieve at least a 10X return on their investment in working with us

3-8X Faster

Our clients scale their businesses at 3 – 8X faster than the industry average

+5 to 10 EBITDA % Points

Our clients achieve an EBITDA margin at 5 to 10 percentage points above the sector norm

Reduce Working Hours by 15 – 20/ Week

Business owners that work with us often reduce their working hours by up to 15 – 20 hours

30 – 50% Higher Exit Valuation

We’ve helped many clients build a saleable business or one that then sells for a 30-50% higher valuation

Personal Freedom

Our clients achieve increased freedom through systems and processes, building a business that works without them

Create Wealth

We help clients to build a business that becomes an asset and creates ongoing shareholder wealth

Move to the Next Level

Clients reach new levels of growth by breaking through glass ceilings and growth barriers

Build a Business that Can Work Without You

Can your business operate without you? If it can’t then it’s neither scalable, nor saleable.

Owner-Dependent Businesses Aren’t Scalable

It isn’t scalable because, for so many business owners, they ARE the business. At the very least, the business can’t function, generate revenue or grow without them because the owner is so critical to everything.

In small companies of this type, everything revolves around the owner; clients will only deal with the owner; they identify the business as being the owner; and the business would suffer if the owner wasn’t there.

A business like this has a growth ceiling because the owner can’t work any more hours and becomes the bottleneck.

For solopreneurs, the issue is the same – the business hits an income ceiling when it reaches the limits of the owner’s personal capacity.

Owner-Dependent Businesses Aren’t Saleable

What are the consequences of removing you? Often, in an owner-dependent business, when the owner is removed, the value is removed and so the business isn’t saleable.

Because, when the owner departs, so do the clients, and the key relationships. Knowledge and know-how is in the business owners head, rather than captured in systems, processes, templates and blueprints.

It’s Time to Start Thinking in a Leveraged Way

Having a business that’s reliant on you can be suffocating and overwhelming: you’re spinning every plate with the knowledge that stepping out would be detrimental to things and as a result you probably have limited personal time and freedom.

Because the business is unleveraged, you’re probably working twice as hard for half the return and you aren’t building wealth, long-term equity value or creating a saleable asset.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to start thinking in a different way.

We have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs to build self-managing companies and, in doing so, increase time, freedom and equity value. We do this in the following ways:

  • Building an Operations Manual: so that knowledge and know-how is locked into the business through processes, templates and automation, leading to the business becoming fully systematised.
  • Reducing/Eliminating Owner-Reliance: by identifying those activities that only the owner can do and eliminating key-person risk. We call this firing you from your own business!
  • Building a Management Team: who can eventually run the business on the owner’s behalf and have clear accountabilities and KPI’s linked to the owner’s vision or strategy.
  • Shifting Mindset: moving from the Self-Employed mindset to the Business Owner mindset and helping you to change the habits and behaviours that prevent you from thinking beyond yourself.
  • Separating Ownership and Management: just because you own the business doesn’t mean you need to run the business. We can help you to make the transition from Management to Ownership.
  • Move from Being a Lifestyle Business to a Scalable Business: help you through the challenging transition of moving from “doing the job” to “building the business”.
  • Professionalise the Business: eliminate any “lifestyle business” elements and run your company like a real business with operational rigour, a professional culture and clear accountabilities.
  • Achieve Passive Ownership: build a self-managing company that generates revenue without you and can grow without you, providing options for sale, succession or increased personal freedom/wealth.



Achieve Double or Triple-Digit Revenue and Profit Growth


Achieve the Highest Possible Exit Outcome


Successfully Manage the Growth Journey


Sphera Consulting Ltd works with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Boards and Business Owners to Build, Grow, Scale and Exit their businesses.

Established in 2009, the firm works with high-growth companies around the UK and Europe, ranging from early-stage businesses to internationally-trading PLC’s with revenues of £30m+.

Over the last 10 plus years, we’ve worked with over 800 organisations across multiple sectors (whether services, manufacturing or digital/technology) to create growth, freedom and wealth for business owners.

We provide hands-on consultancy, coaching, mentoring and Non-Exec services to Boards, CEO’s and Management Teams that are running high-growth companies and are typically seeking to scale, exit or achieve passive ownership.



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