Bespoke and Hands-On Support for Business Owners, Boards and CEO’s to Scale or Exit

Move to the Next Level

Clients reach new levels of growth by breaking through glass ceilings and growth barriers

10X Return

Our clients usually achieve at least a 10X return on their investment in working with us

Reduce Working Hours by 15 – 20/ Week

Business owners that work with us often reduce their working hours by up to 15 – 20 hours

3-8X Faster

Our clients scale their businesses at 3 – 8X faster than the industry average

Personal Freedom

Our clients achieve increased freedom through systems and processes, building a business that works without them

+5 to 10 EBITDA % Points

Our clients achieve an EBITDA margin at 5 to 10 percentage points above the sector norm

30 – 50% Higher Exit Valuation

We’ve helped many clients build a saleable business or one that then sells for a 30-50% higher valuation

Create Wealth

We help clients to build a business that becomes an asset and creates ongoing shareholder wealth

Our Clients Usually Get a 10X Return

For over a decade now, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and Boards, across multiple sectors, to accelerate revenue and profit growth.

Real Outcomes

Some of the real-world results we’ve helped to achieve include the following:

  • Annual revenues trebled from £8m to £24m at a technical services business over a 5-year period that resulted in the founders realising a successful exit.
  • A digital agency successfully increased its retainer value with clients by 260% in just 12 months, whilst trebling monthly recurring revenue.
  • A boutique consulting firm went from a 9% EBITDA to a 28%+ EBITDA in just 2 years, whilst doubling the business.
  • A business owner who was personally burnt out decreased his working week by 30 hours, whilst, at the same time, nearly doubling the business over a 5-year period and returning a 30%+ EBITDA.
  • A consumer products business grew revenues from £3m to £10m in less than 2 years whilst building a global distribution structure.
  • A service company was re-structured to move from a multi-year loss situation into a debt-free, profitable 20%+ EBITDA-generating business that provided the shareholders with an exit opportunity.
  • A solopreneur who was under-charging and overworked moved from having a freelance practice to a team of 5 people and a business that was growing 35%+ P/A with generated being revenue without him.
  • A new management team that was created at a product business added nearly £4m in sales growth over 2 years whilst improving gross and net margins.
  • A digital agency began generating contract values at 3-4X its previous levels whilst adding an additional 20% in monthly revenue growth from clawed-back over-servicing time.

But It Requires You to Commit

A word of caution: if you’re looking for a silver bullet or magic wand solution, we aren’t for you. We only work with serious growth-focussed business owners who want to legitimately move to the next level and are prepared to:

  • Make the time and put in the work
  • Be challenged and to be ok with that
  • Embrace structured accountability
  • Abandon old thought processes, behaviours and ways of working and be open to new ones
  • Dump any notion of knowing it all
  • Not over-think things and commit to fast implementation on what we agree together

Here’s How We Work

We usually work directly with the business owner, CEO or the Board / Management Team. Here’s what to expect:

  • Results: we focus on action-based work that generates the results that are important to you and in the quickest possible way.
  • Long-Term Relationships: we like to form long-term relationships that are based on creating value, usually starting with an initial 12 months together.
  • No Fluff: we don’t believe in fluffy management speak, jargon or woolly theory that only works at 20,000 feet – just clear, hands-on, straightforward, workable, no-nonsense solutions.
  • Clear and Direct: we say it as it is – avoiding painful truths and telling clients what they want to hear doesn’t help anybody. Constructive candour and honest dialogue enables us to address problems and issues quickly and effectively.
  • Momentum: we’ll have regular and structured touchpoints to build momentum and pace and to create accountability. We’ll introduce new ideas and challenge existing thought processes.
  • Integrity: we operate with absolute integrity at all times – this means acting in your best interests at all times, acting for the company rather than the individual, acting above politics, maintaining professionalism in every situation and always delivering on what we promised.

No more haziness, questioning your decisions or self-doubt – just clear direction and pragmatic business-building steps that create growth, wealth and freedom.



Achieve Double or Triple-Digit Revenue and Profit Growth


Build a Business that Can Work Without You


Achieve the Highest Possible Exit Outcome


Successfully Manage the Growth Journey


Sphera Consulting Ltd works with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Boards and Business Owners to Build, Grow, Scale and Exit their businesses.

Established in 2009, the firm works with high-growth companies around the UK and Europe, ranging from early-stage businesses to internationally-trading PLC’s with revenues of £30m+.

Over the last 10 plus years, we’ve worked with over 800 organisations across multiple sectors (whether services, manufacturing or digital/technology) to create growth, freedom and wealth for business owners.

We provide hands-on consultancy, coaching, mentoring and Non-Exec services to Boards, CEO’s and Management Teams that are running high-growth companies and are typically seeking to scale, exit or achieve passive ownership.



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